Orion International

Started in 1998 to provide specific construction products to wholesalers across the southeastern USA. Orion has grown in the number of dealers and customers in the USA and the number of partnerships with product manufacturers and service providers around the world. Product sourcing for our customers in North America and manufacture representation for our overseas factories have become an important part of our business.

Since 2006 Orion has concentrated on providing specific products to our dealers and wholesalers, this was best accomplished by building relationships between manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers. Today Orion International has business relationships with over 200 Manufactures from Asia to India to Western Europe. Since 2017 Orion has increased our interest and partnerships with LED manufactures around the world while growing our dealers in the USA for innovative led lighting products. In the area of lighting and understanding the need for energy savings in 2019 Orion International has moved to the customized market of specialty led lighting for Churches, stage lighting, outdoor hardscape lighting, and Commercial building lighting renovation.

If you are a factory looking for increased market share for your product. Wholesaler or dealer in need of the newest product on the market or looking for the future products that have not made it to market. Orion International can be the sourcing partnership to make your factory, wholesale or dealer business reach your goals.